TPA/COHVCO input to the Grand Junction BLM FO, Gateway/Bangs Canyon Project

December 10, 2009

  Michelle Bailey
Grand Junction Field Office
BLM Colorado
2815 H Rd
Grand Junction CO

Dear Ms Bailey

In response to your request for additional recommendations for single-track motorcycle
trails to be considered for the Grand Junction Field Office we submit the following data.
Hard copies of the proposed maps are available.

Gateway Recreation Area:

The Mesas east of Gateway provide a national caliber off road experience. The only unmet recreational opportunity is single track.

The Gateway Recreation area has excellent terrain and spectacular scenery. The proposed single-track routes as shown on the attached map take advantage of extensive slick rock outcroppings. The proposed routes would add the missing element to the present recreational trail system.

Bangs Canyon SRMA:

Due to the difficulty in implementing the area 6 single track trails as called for in the
original plan: we recommend that the trails shown on the attached map be considered.

DeBeque Area: (not included with this letter)

The attached map shows much of the existing single-track trail network in the DeBeque
area. The present trails are an excellent trials opportunity. We hope you will consider
expanding this system and provide for organized events in the area.

Thank you for your support of motorcycle trail riding on public lands. The TPA and COHVCO look forward to working with you on your approved projects/routes.

Don Riggle

   ***download PDF (above) to see maps