The TPA & Ride With Respect take the AMA on a Tour of Trails in Moab


March 14, 2010


TPA Press Release

Moab, UT – March 14, 2010 – With all the issues facing Moab and the surrounding areas with a potential land grab by the government The Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA) in conjunction with Utah’s Ride With Respect invited key people from the AMA to ride areas that will be affected by such a change in land use.  Those in attendance from the AMA were Chairman of the Board Stan Simpson, CEO/President Rob Dingman and VP/Government Affairs Ed Moreland.  Joining them from the TPA were Don Riggle and Rob Watt. 

The four-day ride was lead by Dale Parriott of Elite Motorcycle Tours and Ride with Respect ( of the Moab area.  Dale led the group through some of the most scenic areas, including Gemini Bridges, Longs Canyon, and Dubinky Well Rd.  Throughout the ride Dale explained the impact of the proposed land use and how it would affect everyone who presently enjoys the Moab area.


Stan Simpson, Rob Dingman, Ed Moreland

Ed Moreland was given the opportunity to see first hand how people from all over the world have been able to use this area for OHV use in conjunction with other forms of recreation.  “Experiencing this land from a motorcycle really underscores the importance of keeping the responsible riding opportunities in Moab open to riders.  We are grateful to the individuals and organizations, including Ride With Respect, Trails Preservation Alliance, Trailmaster Adventures, and COHVCO who helped impress upon us the depth and breadth of southeast Utah’s riding opportunities as well as what is at stake if we don’t act together to save this area from a Wilderness designation” said Moreland.

Dale Parriott explains the history of the carvings on the rocks
near the Green River bottom

AMA President/CEO, Rob Dingman was glad to get back on a dirt bike.  Dingman states, “The first-person experience of the ride made the impact of the various proposals more real to us.  Seeing things on a map is much different than actually being there and seeing it for ourselves.  We both have a better understanding and appreciation for what we are all fighting for.  The experience was invaluable.  I feel confident that we saw parts of Utah that even the sponsors of the erroneous Wilderness designations have never seen. And that’s really a pity, because this land is best enjoyed on a motorcycle.”

All in all, it was a great outing for the entire group.  Everyone came away with a greater appreciation of the natural beauty and what has to be done to keep the Moab area open to EVERYONE.  Please support the AMA, Trail Preservation Alliance and Utah’s Ride with Respect, so YOUR trails and recreation opportunities won’t be closed forever.

About The Trails Preservation Alliance:
The Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA) is a grassroots, 100 percent volunteer group, composed of Colorado motorcycle trail riders. The Alliance has formed a 501c3 organization to preserve single-track trails in Colorado and to inform the public about issues facing our sport. The TPA is associated with the Colorado 500, Rocky Mountain events, and Colorado Off- Highway Vehicle Organization (COHVCO). More information can be found at the TPA website