BLM Proposes Cutting Jobs


January 10, 2012

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the Salazar Department of Interior has proposed dramatic reductions in access to public lands within the State of Colorado through actions taken in the Western Slope offices. The Colorado River Valley Office located in Glenwood Springs and the Kremmling Field office in Kremmling want to decrease cross-country travel currently allowed by about 430,000 acres.

Travel by full size vehicles would be reduced by 1157 miles. If a tourist would take I-70 across the state the total mileage would be about 450 road miles.

Designated route mileage for All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) will be reduced by 79 miles. The trails managed for single track vehicles such as motorcycles and mopeds would be reduced 51 miles. Trails managed for mechanized non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles would be reduced by 27 miles. The proposals decrease foot and horse traffic by 27 miles. The acres available for snowmobile recreation travel would be reduced by 47,900 acres. In addition, the combined proposals would also close 14,800 acres for snowmobile usage other than a trail.

When you consider that Colorado is trying to promote winter recreation and summer recreation activities these proposals run contrary to job creation. Skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, bicycling, hunting, fishing, and four wheeling are all activities that help create jobs for western Colorado. These are activities that help sustain the small community economies throughout the state. Proposals such as these will reduce jobs.