Trails Preservation Alliance 2011 End of Year Report


February 15, 2012

Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA)
2011 End of Year Report

  This end of year report provides a quick look at TPA challenges, progress and focus throughout 2011. For further details, the TPA web site news section has the issues listed in detail. Overall, it is best to say that 2011 was a year of mixed results. On the positive side, our working relationship with the White River National Forest (WRNF) improved – we hope this leads to more Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation opportunities. The WRNF is the largest National Forest (NF) in Colorado, but has the least amount of motorized recreation opportunities – we would like to see this changed.

The TPA helped start two new motorcycle clubs in Colorado in 2011 – both groups having direct involvement with their local Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management (FS/BLM) to help in our goal of increasing OHV recreation. We have worked very closely with the western slope of Colorado, in the Rico/ Dolores area and with the BLM in the Gateway and De Beque areas.

On other issues, we were not satisfied with the Travel Management Planning / Motor Vehicle Use Map (TMP/MVUM) from the Gunnison National Forest (GNF) planning process. We are currently working with the local motorcycle club and GNF staff (BLM/FS) to determine if some historic motorized trails closed under TMP might be considered for reopening.

The TPA also worked on many other issues with the FS and BLM as detailed on your TPA web pages. In these cases, TPA worked directly with local clubs as they, in turn, work with their respective FS and BLM local staff.

2011 was a year full of challenges and successes. Because of the election, 2012 will prove to be even more challenging. Land issues and public access to public property will probably be greatly abused during the election process. We need active support from the entire OHV community if we are to keep moving forward in our quest for public recreation on public property.

TPA and the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) partnered to address many OHV issues in Colorado in 2011. So many issues/problems exist that no single organization can possibly address the issues on their own. The TPA and COHVCO share the same mission when it comes to motorcycle trail riding; therefore, expect to see continued mutual support arrangements in all of our work. Both organizations are committed to monitoring and preserving access to public property.

The TPA continues to be an all-volunteer organization. The only personnel paid are on our legal review team. We also fund necessary lawsuits (we use a law firm for all formal correspondence with the FS and BLM) and pay specific subject matter experts/consultants to provide expert knowledge on key issues. Other required operating costs include professional web page support and our Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The TPA Board of Directors (BOD) and other volunteers receive no salaries or reimbursement for any expenses. Ours is truly a PRO BONO organization.

We greatly appreciate the support you provide to the TPA mission. If we do not endeavor save our sport, future generations will never experience the enjoyment of trail riding.


Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

  • Gateway and De Beque Castle Rock areas involved in the RMP planning process – performed in conjunction with Motorcycle Trail Riding Association (MTRA) of Grand Junction
  • Escalante/Dominguez NCA issue
  • Colorado basin/Kremling area RMP
  • Collaboration with Moab organization, Ride with Respect, in their ongoing effort to protect OHV recreation in the Moab area.

Forest Service (FS)

  • WRNF and GNF review of potential additions to current TMP/MVUM
  • WRNF and GNF worked jointly with local motorcycle clubs
  • PPSI/Salida DR on issues effecting motorcycle and ATV trails
  • Work with COHVCO by providing input on the Colorado Road issues, prior to final input into the Department of the Interior.
  • Collaboration with local clubs in the Rico/Dolores/Cortez area, trying to protect legal, historic motorcycle trails

In working with the FS and the BLM, the TPA generated a significant number of position papers and recommendations to protect our sport.


  • Second annual Trails Awareness Symposium at the Colorado 600 – a five-day event, with daily meetings and trail rides. Discussion topics are tailored towards preserving our sport. Joint support for the event is provided by the American Motorcyclist Association, (AMA) and the Texas Sidewinder Motorcycle Club (SWMC).
  • Assisted with the 37th annual Colorado 500 off-road event as Director of Operations. This five-day charity event supports small towns throughout the state. All funds donated to the TPA during the C500 were in turn transferred directly to COHVCO
  • Colorado State Parks OHV grant for construction and installation of trail barriers to ensure trails remain in the form intended. This is for single-track, two-track and other types of trails.
  • Polaris Industries grant for installation of trail barriers in the state parks OHV grant.
  • Applied for and approved for State Parks barrier grant in 2012/13.

TPA was involved in two legal actions in 2011. Working jointly with COHVCO, we filed and received approval for intervening status in the Wilderness Society lawsuit against the USFS/R2.

TPA and COHVCO are intervening on behalf of the United States Forest Service (USFS)
TPA and COHVCO filed a lawsuit against the State Parks BOD for violation of the state charter on “open meetings.”

TPA and COHVCO are in the preliminary process of filing another intervening lawsuit on the side of the USFS/R2, in the case filed by sportsmen in the Rico/Dolores area.


TPA donated to several organizations that help support joint operations for preservation of motorcycle trail riding. Many local organizations lack funding and legal expertise to fight and help protect our sport. The TPA acts as a support organization providing funding, legal expertise, and other types of support to help the cause. In all cases, donations undergo review for relevancy to the TPA mission.
Ride with Respect (RWR)
This small 501c3 organization is the primary reason the Moab area has remained open for OHV recreation. Riders from all over the US go to Moab to ride, yet very few provide any support to the locals in their work with the FS/BLM and state lands managers. TPA has formed a partnership with RWR in their effort to protect our sport. We urge everyone who goes to Moab to donate to RWR because this small organization is active and successful in protecting a unique area.

MTRA of Grand Junction The TPA is working directly with this club in the BLM work in the Gateway, De Beque Castle Rock areas.

Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) TPA works with BRC (a national recreation group that champions responsible use of public and private lands) on issues specific to Colorado and to the sport in general.

Gunnison/CB Goats a new club in the Gunnison/CB area

Ouray FS Trail Crew in their work to keep open the Alpine trails system

Greater South for Colorado Recreation Club – support to the TAS/C600

Silver Thread Outdoor Recreation Club – support to the TAS/C600

Boot Hill Motorcycle Club – support to the TAS/C600

COHVCO for ongoing work with the Colorado State Legislature

AMA for their work in protecting our sport

Rocky Mountain Sport Riders (RMSR) – a new club in the Gypsum/Vail area working with WRNF in planning new trails.
The TPA Board of Directors thanks all donors for their support during 2011. You have our commitment to remain focused on the goal of protecting public access to public lands and to maintain our single track trail systems throughout the area.