Legal counsel retained to deal with Bear Creek Trail lawsuit


August 20, 2012

The Trails Preservation Alliance ( and Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition ( have retained legal counsel to develop contingency plans for dealing with the lawsuit threatened by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) concerning the Bear Creek trail (#667, Pike Peak National Forest) located near Colorado Springs.  This trail has a historic 50 year lineage as a multiple use trail and is the primary access to the Captain Jack’s trail system.  The CBD has threatened to file a law suit against the City of Colorado Springs and the USFS to close the trail to motorized recreation, not mountain biking or hiking. This threatened lawsuit alleges that motorcycle caused trail erosion is damaging the habit of a native trout species.
The City of Colorado Springs and the USFS are considering options for this threatened lawsuit.
The Center for Biological Diversity has a history of threatening and or engaging in such legal actions across the USA. If they win this they will just ride their wave of success to their next motorcycle trail of choice. We must stop them in their tracks and that costs money. Donations can be made  directly to either web site.

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