Thank you Trail Awareness Symposium 2012 Riders!


September 6, 2012

Colorado 600
Trail Awareness Symposium 2012
August 26th – August 30th


To all of this years riders,
Thank you for attending the Colorado 600 and supporting the Trails Preservation Alliance.

It is up to this generation to save our sport for the future and you have played a vital part in doing that. Your support and donations to the TPA are greatly appreciated.

Please contact us for any suggestions on how to improve next year’s ride. Hope to see you all next year.

Thank you,
Don Riggle
Trails Preservation Alliance

Stan Simpson
The Sidewinders Motorcycle Club

PS. It was brought to our attention, there is a hole in the backpacks for a hydration pack hose. So the packs can come in handy for the trail as well.