COHVCO announces structural changes

December 2, 2013

The Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, a close friend of the AMA, recently announced structural changes, a new board member and a new partnership alliance with the Trails Preservation Alliance.
The COHVCO Board of Directors convened on Tuesday, November the 26th for a Board Meeting.  The main topic of discussion on the agenda involved the leadership structure of the organization and if that structure was the bestarrangement for our work going into 2014.  It was agreed that COHVCO would be much more functional and agile if a full time leader could take the helm.  Therefore the position of Chairman of the Board and President would be split into two separate positions.

Effective immediately, John Lane will continue in the Chairman role, while Jerry Abboud will take over the position of President/ Chief Executive, Operations and Legislative Officer of COHVCO.  John will work closely with the Board to drive fund raising and connections/collaboration with the various populations of OHV recreation across the state.  Jerry will be responsible for the day to day affairs and operations of the organization, where he will report to the COHVCO Chairman and Board of Directors.

A little background on Jerry….  Jerry Abboud has spent the past 27 years as an advocate for motorized recreation in Colorado.  He has lobbied for motorized access and motorized recreational interests in Colorado and at times in Washington D.C.   He is a cofounder of COHVCO in 1987, and hasworked closely over the years with organizations such as the Rampart Range Committee, Rocky Mtn. Enduro Circuit, Colorado Association for 4WD Clubs and the Colorado Snowmobile Association, among others.

Jerry has represented COHVCO in working with the American Motorcyclist Association, the Motorcycle Industry Council, the ATV Safety Institute, Blue Ribbon Coalition, National Off-highway Vehicle Conservation Council and worked in the power sports industry in Colorado for 18 years.  He successfully wrote and lobbied Colorado’s OHV program, served on the State Trails Committee, State Forest Advisory Committee and numerous federal agency work groups.  Finally, Jerry is a graduate of the University of Nebraska College of law in 1981.

Regarding other business, a stronger partnership and alliance was forged between the Trails Preservation Alliance, led by Don Riggle, and COHVCO.  The TPA will step up to shoulder most of the work regarding Land Use Issues.  This is critical work that must be closely monitored and executed on, allowing John, the Board and Jerry to continue to focus on the work surrounding state and federal, legal and legislative issues.  Thank you to Don Riggle and the TPA for partnering on this critical work.

Finally and with great excitement, the Board would like to welcome Douglas Morris as our newest Board Member, representing the Rampart Range Committee.  Over the years, Doug has been in the thick of the OHV industry, working for the American Motorcycle Association (2001-2009) as the Director of the All-Terrain Vehicle Association, Operations Manager for Fay Myers (1998-2001), and Regional Manager for the Motorcycle Safety Institute (1992-1998).  We welcome Doug and are eager for the contributions he will offer COHVCO.