First Annual Colorado Adventure Ride Announced


The Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA) and Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders (RMAR) invite riders to join us in the first annual Colorado Adventure Ride. 

The ride is a five-day adventure, starting in Cripple Creek, Colorado on 27 July 2014.  It will truly be a phenomenal experience riding through some of the most fabulous areas our country has to offer. 

These riding areas are under attack and we risk losing access to them forever. With your help, we can continue the battle to defend your rights to these lands.  So, this isn’t just an awesome riding experience, it’s a chance for riders to make a real impact to maintain their rights to access public lands. 

Both the TPA and RMAR are 100 percent volunteer organizations.  The TPA works closely with the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management and advocates for fair and balance access to public lands.  RMAR’s positively impacts rider’s lives by running events, where riders can experience adventure riding, while contributing to state and local trail organizations that share the mission.  Join us and like-minded adventurers this year. 

Visit for more information and to register.