Burn Canyon Win


 November 17, 2014

  Another win for the motorized community.

BLM recently issued a record of decision regarding trail development in the Burn Canyon area of the Uncompahgre Field Office, that was a major win for the motorized community in an area where significant opportunities were going to be lost. Your comments and input have been heard on this issue!

This record of decision designates 17.2 miles of motorized trails (8.4 miles of existing and 8.8 miles of proposed routes.) These routes consist of:

9.3 miles of motorized single track;
2.9 miles of ATV 2 Track; and
5.0 miles of 4wd roads.

By comparison, the preferred Alternative of the draft EA provided for closure of 25.9 miles motorized routes in the planning area and no new motorized trails.
Additionally the BLM has determined that recreational usage of the area must be supported with new parking lots and commits to building 5 new parking lots in the burn canyon area.

For more information please follow this link and click the Burn Canyon link