MTRA Summer 2015 News Letter


July 8, 2015


MTRA Summer 2015 News Letter
(reprinted by permission)

Motorcycle Trail Riding Association
of Grand Junction
PO Box 3204
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Summer 2015

A club that represents the interests of motorcycle trail riders. A club that strongly believes that anyone who uses our public land should be involved in the processes that make our use possible. A club that was formed to offset the strong movement that opposes our right to enjoy the form of recreation that is our passion.


Club Officers for 2015:
James Solomon, President
Steve Martin, VP
Monte Potter, Treasurer, GVTA Roundtable Representative
Cap Kuney, Dozer operator, Trail work foreman
Walt Green, Ride Planner
Millard Atkins, Director
Marc Baker, Director
Lee Cooper, Director
James Cooper, Trail Dozer Manager, Trail Planner
Steven Kovarovics, Marketing Director

Message from the president:
As a brief summary of where we are in regards to the RMP/TMP (Resource Management Plan/Travel Management Plan), we are still waiting for results from the protests that we submitted along with the COHVCO protest. Once the protest period has been resolved (and I am not sure how long that will take) we will then move into the Trail-by-Trail Appeal period which will be a 30 day period. We will keep you posted regarding timing on this issue.

The Mesa County Commissioners had submitted a proposal to the BLM and the Governor requesting a 6 month extension between the Protest completion and the Travel Management Appeal. This was rejected by the BLM.

Other land use issues:

1.The land management agencies have no money for trails, no man-power in house to do the work, they are bogged down with the PRMP (Proposed Resource Management Plan) Protest and the upcoming TMP (Travel Management Plan) Appeal process, they are bogged down by the recent Citizens Wilderness Proposal that is demanding a re-look at many areas within the field office.  All of these things are pointing toward NO NEW TRAILS!  I am sorry to report that we cannot even push to completion the Tab Connector. 

2.The BLM staff have calculated that the construction cost/mile of a new trail will be approximately $16,000.  Approximately $4,000 of that figure would be for surveys.  If these numbers are accurate, there is something wrong with our Public Land Management Strategy.  The money for surveys is the most difficult to raise by the office, therefore they are suggesting that the GVTA take on the job of finding ways to secure this money.  I also think we should petition for a faster less expensive way to implement new trails to meet demand. 

3.We do have trails on the N. Uncompahgre that we have an opportunity to work with.  (N. Unc. Sub-Group)  There are trails in this area that are horse/foot or Mountain Bike that may be eligible for re-designation as multi-use as they are not being used by the group that was designated.  We are also proposing a parallel trail that will be 50″ that will allow most small motorized vehicles to stay off Divide Road as much as possible.  Jim Cooper and myself are working with the USFS and the GVTA to explore the opportunities that may work best in this area. We will keep you updated.

MTRA joins forces with the Forest Service and our Dirt Bike friends.
MTRA representatives have been working with the Grand Valley Ranger District to improve the Leonard’s Ridge single track trail on the North Uncompaghre trail system. Discussion and planning along with NEPA work took a while. The Bookcliff Rattlers have been working with the Forest Service to construct a sustainable and rideable trail around Pole Hill at the south end of the Long Canyon Trail.

The agreed best tool for these projects is a SWECO 300 trail tractor. We agreed to rent a tractor from SWECO to do the work. The funds are coming from our friends at Trails Preservation Alliance and The Rattlers. Operators and crew will be from the Forest Service and the MTRA.
The tractor was received today July 9, 2015, at the USFS yard and will be trucked up to the Poll Hill re-route area tomorrow and work will start as soon as the ground dries up enough to be workable.

I will keep you informed and updated as to what things you as a rider can best participate in that will assist in the overall benefit to our trails issue. We appreciate your continued support through membership, active trail work and donations.

James Solomon, President



Dirt Bike Trail Rider BBQ
Friday, July 24, 2015
KTM, BMW, Harley Davidson Store
2747 Crossroads Blvd, GJ
5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
Bring a friend!