TPA Alert to the PSI law suit implementation plan

pdficon_large.gifLitigation involving the Pike/San Isabel NF Travel Management

We wanted to update you on recent developments on the Pike/San Isabel NF. The USFS recently settled a challenge to the analysis of approximately 500 miles of routes on the NF.  At significant cost, TPA has been directly involved in the litigation since it commenced and remains involved in the settlement.

  1. The Settlement did not permanently close any routes- it only requires NEPA analysis of routes within a year. There are 16 miles of  routes accessing dispersed camping areas temporarily closed by the law suit.  127 miles of routes will be NEPA analyzed for seasonal closures. Other routes will be reviewed as necessary for NEPA compliance.
  2. TPA has brought in a consultant to facilitate coordination of issues/information/resources with all parties and represent all OHV issues. He is working with each Ranger District to understand issues land managers are specifically facing involving trails and to insure that they understand the importance of multiple use trails and OHV recreation on public lands to users and the economy of communities.
  3. Settlement of this challenge may allow several trail building projects on the PSI to move forward. This settlement is not only a challenge but an opportunity.
  4. Implementation of the Settlement will take several years and the support of many individuals/clubs and Organizations in addition to the TPA efforts.  We will keep you up to date with information on meetings, specific issues and comment periods as the process moves forward. The first year thru Nov 2016, is the most critical for OHV participation in public meetings and comments.


Specific information on this issue is available here: