AMA Action Alert: Why wasn’t motorized recreation included in a major report?

Why wasn’t motorized recreation included in a major report?
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On March 31, the Pew Charitable Trusts released a report titled, “Quiet Recreation on BLM-Managed Lands: Economic Contribution 2014.”

The report found “quiet recreation visitors to these BLM lands spent approximately $1.8 billion … in 2014. These expenditures resulted in overall contribution … of approximately $800 million in personal income, $1.54 billion in value-added, economic output of over $2.8 billion, and nearly 25,000 jobs.”

However, the report does not include the economic benefits of responsible motorized recreation for reference. The Outdoor Industry Association concluded direct spending for “Off Roading” in the Western Governors Association region was more than $27.1 billion. Moreover, the Pew report cited a combined OHV category (i.e., cars, trucks, SUVs and ATVs) as No. 2 in total visitor days in western states and Alaska.

With motorized recreation contributing greatly to the economic engine of the United States, the American Motorcyclist Association believes the significant economic activity of motorized recreation should have been properly referenced in this report or in a separately commissioned motorized-only recreation study.

Ask the Pew Charitable Trusts research center why motorized recreation was not referenced in the report.

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