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SCORR Newsletter – August 2016

SCORR Newsletter 8/12/2016 
by Tim Nixon- President SCORR

The new SCORR video is here!

The goal of this video is to explain why motorized trails have closed and how to keep them open. Then I wanted to do it in under 6 minutes. Done.

I also want to motivate motorized users to volunteer to do something that rarely ever happens: Build New Motorized Trail.


I had the opportunity to review the trail we will build tomorrow and made a few changes. (Picture above). Seems that the mountain bike folks want a technical trail that’s at about 4 miles an hour. Moto requires 12 to 20 miles per hour. We compromised at about 8 miles an hour through technical moss covered rock.

Tomorrow is our 3rd of 4 trail building days this year. The first one had about 30 SCORR members out of 456. The last one had 12 SCORR members. This one ???

Let’s rock this. We have the money. We have the technology. Now we need you, at the landfill in Keystone at 8:30 am tomorrow, ready to pound Red Bull with the Wings Team Ladies and build trail. I’ll also bring some snacks and free t-shirts.

Tim Nixon

P.S. Please register at for “Tenderfoot Trail Constuction” so we know how much beer to bring.


*Republished with permission

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Timberline Trailriders Loans Bobcat for use in National Forest Maintenance

Kent Foster, Routt National Forest and Rene Waters, operations director, Timberline Trailriders, Inc.

Timberline Trailriders, Inc., the long standing local off-road motorcycle club was pleased to present the Hahn’s Peak District, Medicine Bow Routt National Forest the loan of a new Bobcat E20 mini-excavator and trailer to be used on maintaining and constructing multiple use trails in the National Forest open to motorized vehicles. The Club obtained a grant for the purchase of the equipment and operational costs from the Colorado State Trails Committee, which oversees the distribution of OHV grant income, including OHV sticker receipts. The Club expects to loan it to organizations in the Grand Junction area for use in the winter months.

Timberline has been an engaged partner with the Forest Service for over 40 years and has been an active participant in the grant program since its inception (nearly twenty years).  To date, Timberline has obtained over $1.4 million in grants benefiting motorized recreation on the Routt National Forest.

Pictured above are Kent Foster, Routt National Forest and Rene Waters, operations director, Timberline Trailriders, Inc.



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