Colorado cities & counties that allow unlicensed off-highway vehicles

OHV RouteThis is the most up to date list (as of October 2016) of counties that have opened some level of county/local roads to OHV usage in Colorado.  

Following text and list supplied by Stay The Trail Colorado.

Rules regulating the use of off-highway vehicles on public roadways often vary from one city or county to the next. Requirements regarding age of operation, insurance, OHV registration/permit, vehicle types, required equipment and other rules can change as you travel across boundaries between different jurisdictions and local, state, or federal lands. Please check with the local city, county, or land management office for specific rules regulating the use of off-highway vehicles in that area. Local governments often designate OHV routes with signs and/or provide OHV route maps to the public.

Riders should also consider that many off-highway vehicles will perform differently on paved or improved surfaces. Extra care should be taken when operating OHVs on public roads. Ride safe and be courteous when encountering vehicle traffic, bicyclists, and other road users. Remember that OHVs can be louder than most on road vehicles. Colorado Law limits sound emissions of all new OHVs to 96 decibels. Please be mindful of area residents and businesses. This list shows cities/counties that have opened roads to OHVs for transportation/recreation. OHVs used for agricultural purposes are still allowed on public roads and may have access to routes in jurisdictions other than those listed here.


The following cities and counties within the State of Colorado allow the use of unlicensed off-highway vehicles on some or all of the streets/roads within that local jurisdiction: 

  • Chaffee County (designated county rds.) 
  • Custer County (all county rds.) 
  • Craig, City of (all city streets) 
  • Creede, City of (specific OHV route only) 
  • Empire, City of (all city streets) 
  • Garfield County (designated county rds.) 
  • Granby, Town of (most town streets) 
  • Grand County (designated county rds.) 
  • Gunnison County (designated county rds.) 
  • Hinsdale County (designated county rds.) 
  • Jackson County (designated county rds.) 
  • Kremmling, City of (designated OHV route only) 
  • Lake City (all city streets) 
  • Lake County (all county rds. w/ in unincorp. areas) 
  • Leadville, City of
  • Meeker, Town of (some city streets) 
  • Mesa County (most county rds.) 
  • Moffat County (all county rds. unless otherwise posted) 
  • Montezuma County (all county rds. w/ in unincorp. areas) 
  • Montrose County (designated county rds.) 
  • Ouray County (designated county rds. only) 
  • Parachute, City of (all city streets) 
  • Pitkin County (limited county rds. only) 
  • Pitkin, Town of
  • Rangley, Town of
  • Rio Blanco County (all county rds.) 
  • San Juan County (designated county rds. only) 
  • San Miguel County (designated county rds. only) 
  • Silverton, City of (specific OHV route only) 
  • South Fork, City of (designated city streets) 
  • Sterling, City of
  • Victor, City of
  • Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, Towns of