Off-highway recreation big business in Colorado

Article excerpt from The Colorado Springs Business Journal

With more attention being paid regionally to outdoor recreation (to include a State of the Outdoors event scheduled for this month), an economic-impact picture would be incomplete without considering a study published in December and commissioned by the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition and Trails Preservation Alliance. The study determined $2.3 billion makes its way annually into Colorado’s economy thanks to tourism and sales activity linked to off-highway vehicle recreation.

“This report is illustrative of the large economic impact benefitting all Coloradans from the sales and recreational use of OHVs and the local jobs created by the OHV industry,” said COHVCO spokesman Jim Bensberg. Bensberg said about 15,000 OHVs are registered and permitted in El Paso County. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that more than 170,000 OHV registrations and use permits were issued in 2015. Each annual registration for an OHV costs $25.25.

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