Jerry Abboud – Together we saved the $100 million dollar OHV grant program

Please see the below message from Jerry Abboud.  Jerry’s work on this project is a perfect example of the value that COHVCO and he has for saving the state OHV grant process. Which in turns help support and save OHV recreation in Colorado.
Hello everyone,
I am pleased to report that SB17-100, our insurance relief bill, is on its way to the governor for signature. If I missed anyone on this email please let them know.  Once again thank you for all of your hard work, not just on the bill, but helping COHVCO and keeping the trails and roads open . Your letters and support, particularly from the clubs, were a great help so pass it on to all.  I am including our ATV, dirtbike, 4wd and snowmobile clubs and members.
Thanks to the COHVCO Board and the Powersports Dealers Association without whom this would not have been accomplished.  Thanks to Jim Bensberg for all his political savvy it working to get the bill passed.
Of the 100 members of the General Assembly we received a grand total of 2 no votes and 4 absent.  That’s 94% for those who flunked senior math review in high school. 😊  It’s been a long road, but I promised you we could fix the problems. Jim is working on a bill signing a bill signing ceremony with the governor.  Please let me know if any of you folks would like to attend.  It may be a limited number.  And thanks again to Conrad for his testimony.
Together we saved the $100 million dollar OHV grant program.  With the new federal legislation addressing the need for volunteers and identification of priority trails for maintenance and repair, we are genuinely the only group poised to jump right in.
Finally, a big thank you to the Department of Natural Resources: Director, Bob Randall: Assistant Director, Madeleine West; Assistant director for Parks, Margaret Taylor and government liaison, Doug Vilsack.