Action Alert! The Rio Grande NF has released their draft resource management plan!

The Rio Grande NF has released their Proposed Action for the upcoming Forest Plan revision.

We are supporting Alternative C of the Proposal as this provides a significant expansion of motorized areas in a manner that is simple and easy for the public to understand.  We believe this flexibility is important for the forest moving forward and the simplicity in the plan will increase public engagement and understanding of future planning efforts. The Preferred Alternative carries forward current management allocations on the Forest (which is unheard of) and the Forest Service should be commended for that.

Alternative Primitive Semi Primitive Non- motorized Semi-Primitive Motorized Roaded Natural Rural
A 8 43 28 20 1
B 7 44 28 20 1
C 7 33 36 23 1
D 36 19 25 19 Less than 1

Maps associated with the RMP should be uploaded by Oct 2, 2017.


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More information on the preferred alternative (including maps) is available here:


Our Thoughts:

  1. The resource plan is supposed to be a landscape level document that provides landscape level guidance. Providing this information in a simple easy to use format for the public must be a goal for the new plan. Too often the public is simply unable to understand the current plan due the numerous factors and categories included in the RMP and the RMP is a barrier to site-specific planning rather than a resource to ease local planning.
  2. Alternative C moves in the right direction with the reduced number of categories but we strongly encourage the Forest Service to explore further streamlining of even Alternative C.  This streamlining would make the plan easier for the public to use and understand in the future, reduce costs for projects and build a better relationship between the USFS and partners.
  3. We support Alternative C due to the long term flexibility in the plan and expanded multiple use opportunities.
  4. Again voice the importance of multiple use access for recreation, the economic benefits to local communities from multiple use and the compelling need to address poor forest health on the Rio Grande NF.

We will forward more specific talking points for comments after our review.


Send Comments via USPS to:
Rio Grande National Forest
Att: Forest Plan Revision
1803 US Hwy 150
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Deadline for Comments:
December 29, 2017