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Three Laws Enacted in 2019 Colorado Legislative Session that Affect Off Highway Motorcyclists

Content provided by: Powersports Dealers Association of Colorado, Final 2019 Legislative Report – Off Road


This bill imposes a greater penalty on the driver of a motor vehicle that causes serious bodily injury to a vulnerable road user. There is a long list of who is vulnerable including motorcyclists, off-highway vehicle operators, road workers, bicyclists and a host of others.

In theory, the law may compel individuals to be more aware of their surroundings. But breaking people of the overwhelming habits of texting and holding the phone for conversations, along with putting on makeup, brushing one’s hair, eating etc., is challenging to say the least.

It is worth finding out if enhanced penalties are sufficient to alter this kind of behavior and save some lives. It is discouraging however to encourage the large number of out-of-control bicyclists to take even more chances.

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Fines for violations of the Off-highway Vehicle and Snowmobile Acts have always gone entirely to government entities and programs other than the actual grant programs themselves. This bill now requires half of all fines to go to go to the two programs.

Additionally, there have been complaints over the years about those who have never paid their fair share to the OHV registration program. Parks and Wildlife requested the fine be raised from $50 to $100 to get compliance and continue to fund OHV trails. This is the first fine increase in over a decade.
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Electric motorcycles with a battery storage capacity of 4kwh and certain hybrids, if they become available, will have the tax credit available for Innovative Motor Vehicles extended until Jan. 1, 2026. The Current credit of $5000 will continue prior to Jan.1, 2021

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021 and prior to Jan.1 2023, the income tax credit becomes $2500. Beginning Jan. 1, 2023 and prior to Jan.1, 2026 the credit is lowered to $2000.

While the amounts corresponding to the 2021-2026 extension are about half, the program would have ended in 2020, well before any market for electric motorcycles could take root.

To learn the ins and outs of this program go to:

Remember the amounts in this article are accurate. The chart in the Department of Revenue information piece has not amounts been updated.

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