A Call to Action for all Outdoorsmen Across America – AZ Backcountry Explorers

Article dated January 12, 2020 from the Arizona Backcountry Explorers website.

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Arizona Backcountry Explorers logoThe future of outdoor recreation lies in your hands

We are rapidly losing recreational opportunities across the west. I am not asking for your money. Nor am I asking you to attend any meetings or submit comments on a terrible land-use issue. We are reaching out to you to gain support and send a message to our Congressmen. It’s time to take this to Washington for a real solution.


As you may know, we have been talking a lot about the recent changes in the Tonto National Forest. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re probably concerned.

In this article, I will reach out to members of the outdoor community across the US. I will give you the solution to the land use issues we have been fighting for so many years. But first, I must tell you a little history about how we beat BLM. I will tell you how it works, what to do, and who supports this effort.

After reading this article, you will ask yourself, “why hasn’t my club or organization done this before?” It can only be one of two things, greed or ignorance. From this article, you will have the tools to bring our federal land managers to their knees and force them into compliance. You will be able to bring the power back to the state, in other words, the people. You will level the playing field for your club or organization.

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