Rider Feedback Needed!

A citizen planning group, Envision Chaffee County, has produced a Draft Recreation Plan for the Salida and Buena Vista areas in Central Colorado. Within this plan, we have identified some issues and concerns we would like to share with you:

  • Sidestepping Federally mandated public processes –  Travel Management Planning (TMP)
  • Survey questions are deceptively worded and leading
  • Inadequate sample size of respondents related to user size

Please watch this video for detailed information on our concerns.

Send your comments

While it is possible to submit responses through the Envision website – we encourage you to send an email directly to the Chaffee County Commissioners, Chaffee County Planning & Zoning and Cindy Williams the co-chair of Envision Recreation in Balance co-chair.

Contact info:
Commissioner Greg Felt (ERiB Co-Chair) – gfelt@chaffeecounty.org
Commissioner Keith Baker – kbaker@chaffeecounty.org
Commissioner Rusty Granzella – rgranzella@chaffeecounty.org
Planning and Zoning Dan Swallow – dswallow@chaffeecounty.org
Planning and Zoning Jon Roorda – jroorda@chaffeecounty.org
Planning and Zoning Christie Barton – cbarton@chaffeecounty.org
Cindy Williams (ERiB Co-Chair) – cindy@envisionchaffeecounty.org

Copy all email addresses at once to paste into your ‘to” field:
gfelt@chaffeecounty.org, kbaker@chaffeecounty.org, rgranzella@chaffeecounty.org, dswallow@chaffeecounty.org, jroorda@chaffeecounty.org, cbarton@chaffeecounty.org, cindy@envisionchaffeecounty.org

Info to include in your message:

  • Who you are – if you are a Chaffee County resident, be sure to mention it!
  • What you like to do in Chaffee County (riding, camping, hiking, etc)
  • The citizen planning group Envision should not be attempting to assume Travel Management Planning this is a process that is already facilitated by land agencies US Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) Specifically their outline of arbitrary Voluntary Seasonal Closures, Recreation development “no go” zones, and identifying areas of critical wildlife habitat in a county Recreation Plan.

That’s it – clean, simple, and to the point. The more input the better and this is all you need to say!