Welcome Monarch Investment and Management Group

Monarch Investment and Management GroupThank you Monarch Investment and Management Group for your support of a strategic planning process that the TPA has underway.

Monarch Investment and Management group owner Bob Nicolls is an avid dirt biker and supporter of various local clubs including the Central Colorado Mountain Riders, San Juan Trail Riders, and TPA. Not only does Bob ride and provide financial support for public land access and motorcycle recreation, but when he’s not working he participates in numerous trail work days every year!  Thank you, Bob!

About Monarch Investment & Management Group
Monarch Investment & Management Group has been actively involved in commercial real estate investment since 1992. We currently manage 68,644 apartment units in 20 states, making us the 13th largest multifamily owner in the country per NMHC. In addition, Monarch operates a nationally franchised hotel and a ski and snowboard resort.