August 2022 Newsletter

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Update from the Trails Preservation Alliance


Hello Friends!

We are in the midst of our peak riding season in Colorado and with any luck, this message will  find its way to you after enjoying an EPIC ride!

Since our last newsletter in the spring we’ve been very busy here at the Trails Preservation Alliance. We hosted the 3rd Annual TPA Partner Club Meeting, wrapped up our second TPA Bike Sweepstakes, and have been making our way around the state this summer attending events, and visiting land managers and clubs.

The visits with the land managers and clubs are not only awesome for face-to-face time with locals but also help us to understand the different trail systems, and gave us the opportunity to discuss issues and opportunities for off highway motorcycle recreation within those areas .

We’ve been to numerous conferences, meetings, and events representing the off highway motorcycle community including; Partners in the Outdoors, Colorado Outdoor Industry Leadership Workshop, NOHVCC Great Trails Workshop, and the Shady Burro Enduro.

Aside from keeping up with issues that are affecting motorized recreation and access to public lands in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, much of our focus has now turned to the planning of our largest fundraiser, the Colorado 600 Trails Awareness Symposium, which starts September 11, 2022.

Read on for more information – see you on the trail!



TPA Partner Club Meeting

The 3rd Annual TPA Partner Club Meeting was held in March in Grand Junction, CO. We hosted 22 different organizations with 42 representatives from clubs around Colorado and Utah, as well as CPW State Trails OHV sub-committee members, BLM Grand Junction Field Office, USFS Salida Ranger District, and Utah’s Ride with Respect. It was a successful meeting, and great to have so many motorcycle advocacy groups in the region gather, network, and discuss topics to preserve our sport!

The first day was spent discussing various issues and on the 2nd day, we went riding! Attendees were shown around Bangs Canyon, an area near Grand Junction where the BLM along with assistance from local clubs (Motorcycle Trail Rider Association, BookCliff Rattlers Motorcycle Club, West Slope ATV, and the Thunder Mountain Wheelers) have been constructing new motorized trail opportunities.

Trail Tools for Clubs – The TPA was pleased to present each club with a Trail Boss Trail Tool Kit and a Silky Katana Boy as part of a CPW OHV Grant the TPA was awarded.  These packable yet durable Tool Kits will help the clubs with their trail work efforts by allowing them to be easily transported to remote locations.

If you are looking for some assistance starting a local club in your area please reach out to the TPA by email to

TPA Partner Club Meeting - riders lined up



2022 Bike Sweepstakes

On May 17th 2022 we drew the lucky winners of the TPA Bike Sweepstakes – Congratulations to our winners!

  • Francisco Ramos of Greely, CO. Grand Prize Winner!
  • Daniel Woodberry of Nampa, ID. 2nd prize winner of the $1200 KLIM Shopping Spree.
  • Ty Witten of O’Fallon, MO. 3rd prize winner of a trip to the 2022 Colorado 600 Trails Awareness Symposium.

The 2nd annual TPA Bike Sweepstakes was a terrific success, thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort to make it happen.  Thanks to the volunteers, everyone who helped us spread the word, businesses who supplied prizes, shops that displayed posters and all the donors who purchased tickets we raised  $120,200!


Sweepstakes winners



Change in the TPA Board of Directors

TPA Board of Director member Dennis Larratt moved on from the TPA board. We would like to thank Dennis for his service not only to the TPA, but to the greater motorized recreation community!

Dennis worked with Don Riggle from the founding of the TPA, and since early 2018, has been a member of the TPA Board of Directors. Prior to that, he was one of the founding members and served on the COHVCO Board of Directors, testified before Congress on behalf of public land access issues, and was an integral part of the team that created the Colorado OHV sticker program which has funded over $73 million dollars in OHV related projects across the state. He contributed an amazing amount of time to preserve the sport of off-road motorcycling in Colorado. His efforts and dedication will have tremendous effects for decades to come.

Thank you Dennis!



New TPA Creative Director – Christina Hall

We are pleased to announce that a longtime (15+ years!) TPA marketing, graphic design and communications consultant Christina Hall has joined the TPA team!

Christina has extensive experience consulting for a variety of non-profits as well as worked for San Diego Humane Society, Montana State University, and USGS. Having Christina on board will help us to increase our outreach, build our brand and help fulfill the TPA mission. We are excited to have her join us not only for her experience and expertise but also for her easy-going attitude and her love of riding. Christina rides a Bonneville T100 (we’re working on getting her onto a trail bike!) and lives in San Diego, CA.

Christina and her Triumph



TPA Helps at the Shady Burro Enduro

The TPA had a great time running tech inspection for the Shady Burro Enduro. We would like to send out special thanks to those that helped; Angela Hixon, Larry Beaver, Boot Hill Motorcycle Club (Daniell and Zachary Hatton), Ruke Dyar, Stay the Trail (Sam Logan) and last but not least Dos Locos (Kevin and Michelle Busch).

The TPA would also like to send a BIG thank you to JTB (aka Jud and Tina Barlow) promotions for their generous donation of $5000 to the TPA. Thanks for your dedication and hard work that make this truly unique event a reality and for giving back to the off highway motorcycle community!

JTB Promotions and their amazing crew of staff and volunteers put together another great course through some epic Rocky Mountain single track! The rigerous course, coupled with above-average moisture in the South Fork area, all came together to create an event that proved challenging for even the most experienced riders.

Congratulations to Max Gerston for taking 1st Place overall on both days. Check out Day 1 and Day 2 results here.


TPA at Shady Burro



Gold Rush Raises $4,270 for the TPA

Thank you Gold Rush Riders and Steve and Lyndi Widener for raising $4,270 to help Save The Trails!  In 2022 this family-oriented “fun ride” spent two days exploring the Ouray, CO. area before moving to Crested Butte and spending two more days riding in central Colorado. Each year this event ends with a banquet and raffle, with the proceeds donated to the TPA. So once again, thank you for your continued support, and here is to another successful Gold Rush!

If you’re interested in participating in the 2023 Gold Rush Ride August 7th -11th check out their Facebook group.



Club Spotlight

San Juan Trail Rider logoEstablished in 1998, the San Juan Trail Riders (SJTR) are now in their 3rd decade fighting the good fight for multi-use singletrack and motorcycle recreation in Southwestern Colorado. The SJTR provides an organized network for enthusiasts to make contact, build camaraderie, and share interests. In addition, they promote active participation in OHV trail management and other civic activities by encouraging cooperation and coordination between other forest user groups and organizations.


  • Advocate for Off Highway use of public lands.
  • Enhance awareness multi user-groups and public lands.
  • Build relationships with land managers and other user groups.


  • Funding and implementation of 100+ mile Turkey Springs/Devil Mountain trail system in the Pagosa Ranger District.
  • Hermosa Drainage.
  • Securing motorized designation for Starvation Creek, Rampart Hills, Upper Chicken Creek, Morrison, Deer Lick Creek, Box Canyon & Gold Run Trails, and development of Bear Creek Rim Trail in the Dolores Ranger District.

Thank you, SJTR – you are a truly collaborative partner and steward of the land!


San Juan Trail Riders (SJTR)



Land Use and Legal Issues



Stay On The Trail

Stay On The Trail – as responsible riders, this is the most important thing we can do. Going over, under, or through obstacles has been the message we’ve shared (including ads in UpShift Magazine below) over the past two riding seasons, and we ask that you help us spread the word!

The bulk of the trail clearing season is behind us, but don’t lower your guard – trees fall all year long, so continue to carry a hand saw. Mud puddles form on the trails every time it rains – ride through them. Obstacles like rocks and branches will be in your path – go over them. Let’s all do our part to keep singletrack single!

Stay on the Trail - UPSHIFT ad



Let’s Get Social

The TPA has been increasing our outreach on Social Media – Follow Us on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram!  And don’t forget to share our messages with your friends!

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