Testimony of Dennis Larratt before the Committee on Natural Resources

January 21, 2010

  My name is Dennis Larratt, I reside at [address redacted], Littleton, CO 80125.  I am a third generation native of Colorado, my grandfather was the Colorado State Farm Manager for nearly 40 years, so my roots are tied to the ground of Colorado.  I have spent virtually all of my life enjoying the Colorado backcountry on horseback, off road motorcycles, foot, skis, and mountain bikes.  My recreational interests are equally based in recreation and my love for the beauty and wonders of nature. 

Today I am representing the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO).  The AMA was founded in 1924 in an effort to preserve and protect responsible riding opportunities in America. AMA and her sister organization, the All-Terrain Vehicle Association (ATVA), represents the interests of millions of American motorcyclists and ATV riders.  I am a lifetime member of the AMA, with my membership dating back to age 13.  In 1987 I helped found the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, and have served various roles in the organization, including Chairman two different times.  COHVCO represents 4WD, motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile interests in Colorado, with a focus on maintaining access to public lands for responsible use of and stewardship of public lands.  We are fortunate to have 22 million acres of public land in Colorado, and it is critically important to maintain public access to it.

I am here to testify against HR 3914, the San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act of 2009.  I will try to briefly lay out my concerns about this bill in particular, the current raft of Colorado Wilderness proposals, and Inventoried Roadless Areas. 

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