Roaring Fork Stream Restoration Project


 April 2014

  Roaring Fork Stream Renovation Project
c/o Barry Wiley
Rio Grande National Forest
1803 W Highway 160
Monte Vista, CO  81144

Re: Roaring Fork Stream Restoration Project

Dear Mr. Wiley;
Please accept this correspondence as the comments of the above Organizations (COHVCO, TPA, CSA) regarding the Roaring Fork Stream Restoration Project. These comments will address two major questions that are critical to the project: 1)Should there be motorized access granted to land managers to the Wilderness area for resource resource management issues; and 2) What methodology and analysis is necessary for the reintroduction of the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout (“RGCT”) into the watershed as part of a species management plan. The Organizations support efforts to remove any species from the Endangered Species Act list, as this is the most effective manner to maximize multiple use recreational opportunities on public lands, and also support full utilization of all protections available under the ESA for recreational usage of habitat areas over the course of recovery for any species.

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