Boggy Draw Trail System Expansion

Boggy Draw Trail System Expansion

Dolores Ranger District
Attn: Tom Rice, Recreation Staff Officer
29211 Highway 184
Dolores, CO 81323

Dear Tom:

Please accept these comments as part of the public record of comments for the Boggy Draw Trail System Expansion project.

As stated and depicted in the Proposed Action, the project is flawed and cannot be supported as it promotes segregation and lacks a diversity of users. This plan completely lacks any consideration for multiple-use and users of motorized means.

Years ago, in this country, we collectively decided that segregation and discrimination was a policy that was wrong and would no longer be tolerated and fostered, yet this proposal seeks to do just that.

The Dolores Ranger District of the San Juan National Forest needs to shift from an attitude and policy of segregating users and providing infrastructure for select groups at the cost of others, the landscape is just not big enough for each and every user group (i.e. hikers, mountain bikes, equestrians, motorized users, etc.) to have their own exclusive set of trails and associated infrastructure. The Dolores Ranger District needs to set the example for the coexisting of users, promoting tolerance and diversity of users on true multiple-use trails. Proceeding with this project with a primary use by one particular user group is discriminatory and will certainly foster resentment and poor relationships with other user groups. Instead of excluding users, it would benefit the entire spectrum of trail users if the Dolores Ranger District were to be working with similar vigor and diligence to be inclusive and accepting of all user groups and embracing an attitude of cooperation and tolerance.

The proposal lacks any substantive details on how and where the resources and funding will come from to construct this trail system, and more importantly how it will be maintained! The non-motorized users of the San Juan National Forest, most notably the mountain bike community, has benefited significantly from the expenditure of State of Colorado OHV grant dollars on true multiple-use trails throughout the San Juan National Forest. To move forward with this plan, that is for the primary use of mountain bikes and other non-motorized users is prejudicial and discriminatory to the motorized users in the community. Those 2 motorized users have worked diligently with both the Dolores Ranger District over the past several years to obtain and expend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the San Juan National Forest, all the time sharing those trails with all non-motorized users.

The planning for this project needs to step back in order to be inclusive and provide similar opportunities for all user groups. The most expedient path forward would be to develop this new trail network such that it is truly “multiple purpose” and provides shared opportunities for all users, non- motorized and motorized alike.

If this trail plan were to include similar opportunities, and new opportunities for all user groups (e.g., multiple use and motorized users), then this plan could receive our support.

We thank you for considering our comments.


Don Riggle
Director Of Operations
Trails Preservation Alliance