Letter of Support for History Colorado Grant Application – Palisade Wall Repairs

Mr. Tim Stroh, AIA
Director, State Historical Fund
1200 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

SUBJECT: Letter of Support for History Colorado Grant Application, Palisade Wall Repairs.


Dear Mr. Stroh:

Please accept this letter from the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA) as an official letter of support for the Palisade Wall Repair project. The TPA is a volunteer organization created to be a viable partner to public lands managers, working with the United States Forest Service (USFS), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to preserve the sport of motorized trail riding and multiple-use recreation.  The TPA acts as an advocate for the sport and takes the necessary action to ensure that the USFS and BLM allocate a fair and equitable percentage of public lands access to diverse multiple-use trail recreational opportunities.  The TPA is not a membership organization but does have hundreds of financial contributors and supporters that enjoy multiple-use recreation throughout the State of Colorado.  Annually the TPA hosts a rider symposium to educate participants in land use issues affecting multiple-use recreation, outdoor stewardship, and ethical riding on public lands.  On several occasions, the TPA has included symposium sessions focused on the historical aspects of the local area to include photo slide shows and interpretive rides with a local expert to enhance symposium participant’s appreciation for the history that surrounds and includes the local riding area.

The TPA enthusiastically supports the repairs to the Palisade Wall as this retaining structure is integral to reopening the route that provides multiple-use/motorcycle riding opportunities to the historical Alpine Tunnel route and especially to the several restorations and interpretative displays at the West Portal of the Alpine Tunnel.  Railroad history is a fundamental part of Colorado’s Statehood and history, and the Alpine Tunnel represents a very special cultural exhibit and specimen of the State’s narrow gauge railroad history.  The TPA feels it is essential to reopen the route so that recreationists and enthusiasts from various disciplines and sports can once again enjoy and appreciate all that this route and the portal informational site have to offer.

The TPA supports the grant application submitted for the Palisade Wall Repair project.


D.E. Riggle
Director of Operations
Trails Preservation Alliance


Palisade Wall